Thursday, August 23, 2012

[PLR]Google Penguin? Panda? Please… I’ll Show You How to Build a Site that NEVER Tanks
Google Penguin Doesn’t Have to Be Your Enemy…
SEO is Easy with a Rock Solid Foundation
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Everyday thousands of marketers are struggling to keep their SEO empire afloat. And it seems like just when they’re “getting the hang” of Google, a new algorithm change comes!
But did you know that the recipe to a firm foundation is incredibly simple?
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Here’s something that the legendary Paul Barrs said the last time I launched this package:
Originally Posted by Paul Barrs View Post
Hi Justin,
Here’s a very different “review” for you -
I bought your product…. yes, actually bought it.
Today I was running an all day SEO workshop in my local business area – it’s a full on 8-hour SEOmarketing strategy session that costs hundreds of dollars.
A part of what I do when I’m running a workshop like this is to wrap up by ‘finding an SEO product’ online, assessing the “sales copy” and then buying it, downloading it and EVALUATING IT - all LIVE in front of the workshop participants.
The objective of this is have them participate in the process and to help them cement the knowledge they’ve gained through out the day – I want them to be able to LOOK at SEO reports / materials etc and be able to judge if they are “right” or “wrong”.
Here’s the good news, the verdict …
Your report is SPOT ON. In fact everything that you covered (both the Do’s and the Don’ts) I had also covered in my workshop. My participants all agreed that your content was accurate and ‘right’.
So -
For those people who are “not sure” on what they should or should not be doing; this report (and it’s what… a couple of bucks?) is worth every cent. The info is spot on target as to what you should now be doing post penguin. It *is* very basic, but that’s OK. If you don’t know what basics you should focus on, this report will tell you.
Paul Barrs
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